Kobbari Matta Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kobbari Matta"
Runtime: 2 Hours 9 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 24-05-2016
Genre: Comedy
2 / 5.0



Remember the massively viral clips of a man painting a cardboard heart and then throwing it in the air, while he is being beaten by gundas only to make it land in a patient’s chest.Yewww he is back!!!!!!


The doer of the impossible aka Samporneesh Babu (Sampoo), as his fans lovingly call him, is back in action after his hugely hit Hrudeya Kalayam, (as if we weren't cringed enough), and guess what? Not one, not two, he’ll be essaying a triple role (slow claps). Basically, the plot of the film revolves around three guys Pedarayudu, Paparayudu, andAndroid, all essayed by Sampoo. The trailer of the film begins with all the wind blowing and leaves flying as an aged sampoo enters and startles everyone with his non-breathless dialogue on feminism. The film is a humorous take on feminism and feminist attitude.


The film created much hype even before its release. It gained immense popularity amongst television channels after the success of Hrudeya Kaleyam. Whopping amounts were offered to gain its satellite rights. The director Rupak Ronaldson tries to make the movie as entertaining as possible but sadly, this movie is an only comedy and no story at all.


Sampoornesh Babu, as usual, overacts all the way throughout the film, but that’s what the film demands and he does live up to his reputation of being a spoof actor. Gayatri Gupta and Bhargavi try their best to deliver a good performance but what could they possibly do when the script is so weak.The rest of the cast support the film well and add to the humor.

What’s there?

• If you are someone who likes spoofy movies this surely would entertain you as it has the spoof star.

• The music director Kamran Ahmad does a pretty good job with the music and the songs are catchy.

• Dialogues are powerful and Steven Shankar will be applauded for that.

• The choreography is another good aspect of this film.

What’s not there?

• There is no storyline at all, don’t know what the writers were thinking while writing this.

• The action sequences are so unimaginable and evoke laughter.


It's a crap movie only watch if you are a big fan of Sampoornesh Babu. Rest, please do not waste your money if you don’t like spoofs and cannot understand sarcasm.