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The story revolves around a secret agency called Baby, which is a team consisting of some special officers. It comes into existence after Mumbai attacks on 26/11. It is supervised by Feroz Khan ( Danny Denzongpa).

Their mission is to investigate and eliminate groups in various parts of India, which are found involving in terrorist activities. Ajay Singh Rajput ( Akshay Kumar) arrests a traitor named Jamal, while he was trying to rescue an agent of Indian security in Turkey. Jamal had worked for Ajay. Ajay arrests Jamal and warns him to provide the information related to their next attack in India lest his family would be killed. Thus, he is able to extract information about a blast in the Delhi mall that he is able to prevent with the help of Jai ( Rana Daggubati). Later they realize that it was only first of a streak of planned attacks. Meanwhile, a terrorist Maulana ( Rasheed Naz) tries to create unrest near the India-Pakistan border. Maulana plotted a plan to rescue Bilal ( Kay Kay Menon) from prison and successfully escapes him.

A group of officials is sent to question Taufiq, an ISI member who acts as a leader. Ajay successfully obtains information about his contacts after threatening him. They visit his place where all members of the squad except Ajay get killed by an explosion. Ajay goes to Nepal with another officer named Priya (Tapsee Pannu), to investigate about a terrorist planner by acting as husband and wife. Their mission to arrest Wasim Khan ( Sushant Singh) fails as soon as Wasim detects that Priya is an undercover official. Priya knocks Wasim down and Ajay arrives in time to capture him.

According to the information provided by Wasim; Ajay, Shukla ( Anupam Kher) and Jai are sent to Saudi Al- Dera to meet Ashfaq ( Mikaal Zulfiqar). Here, Bilal was holding meetings to discuss about his plans and resources needed for its execution. Ajay and Jai, attacks Bilal in his room and kill him. They noted that, Maulana was also present at the location. They manage to knock him and plan to bring him to India under the lie that he was a relative and need an immediate liver transplant. Ashfaq disguised Maulana as his uncle and gets his visa.

When hotel security officials find Bilal’s body, they inform the Arab police. Chief Hani Mohammad (Hasan Noman) gets the task of investigating the murder. He is able to track the murderers quickly. He finds that it was Indian military that was smuggling Maulana thinking him as Ashfaq’s uncle. He smiles at this and lets them flew, without any restrictions. Back home, Baby is granted a permanent status after successfully completing this task.