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Jai ( Salman Khan), an ex-army officer. He was posted in the Indian Army as a major before he was suspended, when he neglected the orders from high command and tried to save some children from the hands of terrorists. He is a very passionate helper. His family consists of mother ( Nadira Babbar) and Geeta (Tabu), his sister, who does not talk to each other ever since Geeta married a man from the Muslim community despite her mother’s reluctance. Once Jai aided a physically handicapped girl Suman (Genelia D’Souza) by writing her exam, but on another day despite her continuous call for help, no one helped her. She commits suicide after that incident. Shocked by this Jai realizes that people do not usually help each other. He, thus, devises a method according to which everyone will help three other people and advice them to further help other three people and this way form a network of helping people. He thought this will instill a habit of helping others among people, but didn’t succeed.

One day, Jai beats a rich man, who injures a child beggar. In order to revenge this, the man gets Jai’s sister and Rinky ( Daisy Shah), his friend, kidnapped by his goons. Jai is able to recover them and he breaks a goon’s hand, who was a man of an MLA (Mukul dev). The MLA is Home Minister Dashrat Singh’s ( Danny Denzongpa) son-in-law. In order to revenge this, the Home Minister gets Jai’s nephew kidnapped, but his son-in-law gets killed in the encounter. When Jai’s method reaches Ashok Pradhan ( Mohnish Bahl), Chief Minister, who himself was once helped by a schoolgirl, tries to resolve the issue between Jai and Dashrat.

Dashrat plans to kill Ashok and trap Jai as the culprit. Jai saves the Chief Minister, who gets injured. Dashrat’s son Arjun Singh (Haroon Qazi) attacks Jai with his men. Daughter ( Sana Khan) of Dashrat punched Jai with a knife in his back, but still Jai manages to kill Arjun Singh. Jai is helped to get to the hospital by a rickshaw driver ( Mahesh Manjrekar), an army officer who was his former colleague Arjun Kaul (Sunil Shetty). Dashrat Singh spreads the rumor that Jai was attempting to kill Chief Minister. But when Chief Minister returns, he reveals the truth, crowd beats Dashrat. Jai survived the attack and realizes that his concept of helping others saved his life. When he walked out of the hospital, he saw a large number of people waiting to wish him good health. He thanked everyone for following his concept.

The movie ended with a message for the youth to follow goodness.