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Katti Batti‘, which stars Imran & Kangana in lead roles has been released on 18th September. The story of the film starts like a romantic comedy, but turns into a thriller with a mystery element and a mature love story. The film is directed by Nikhil Advani which shows that Imran Khan fills every scene of this film. Nikhil Advani too takes care that the hero is seen in every scene in the frame..

Girl and boy like always do meet and fall in love, but the difference is that the girl suddenly disappears, The story unfolds the mystery about who is she and where has she disappeared during the course of the film. Well, the actor Maddy (Imran Khan) hence goes through a bad phase in his life for his-break up with the girl Payal ( Kangana Ranaut) he had loved. He wants to marry her and she wants only time pass relationships. After some dithering, Maddy and Payal start living together. Then one day, apparently without warning, Payal leaves Maddy. He’s heartbroken, but also convinced that Payal still loves him. It is a film which tries to put a girl in control of their relationship. In a role reversal of sorts, she wants the relationship to be just time-pass when the boy wants her as an eternal lady love. This is a story of a middle class young architect Maddy, who is keen to have a casual relationship with Payal. Payal comes from elite family. She moves into his house, but after five years of bonding they break up suddenly. She ditches him. But Maddy goes searching for answers, faces questions from his friends and society. The story tells how new generation guys are childish in love and get often crazy. That is why there is a song I am crazy, you are crazy (sung with Hindi lyrics).

To show Devdas kind of effect in love story, the hero even mistakenly drinks Phenyl and is rushed to hospital. Doctors take it as a suicide attempt taken by Maddy. Hence, everyone tries to explain Maddy that when everything is over now it is better to forget his lady love Payal. Unable to forget Payal still, Maddy wants to confront Payal and seeks answers from her for their break-up. While he seeks her reply, narration of the film takes a U turn to flashback of how Payal and Maddy met in a college and they headed to Mumbai for a relationship. Amidst the flashback of past love story of two lovers, comes the usual narration of Hindi cinema, that is Maddy comes to know that Payal is marrying her ex-boyfriend in New Delhi. So Maddy takes a flight from Mumbai to Delhi in order to confront her again. Does Payal still love Maddy? If so, why did they break up? We have the silly sentiments being lined up in the story. Maddy picks up fight with his friends because his girl friend ditched him. The film deals sincerely with the modern day romance, where they do not wait for their family to sanction their relationship and they need not fight with the family for the right to live with each other. It is a story to tell Indian viewers that many have become more liberal in their attitude toward love and sex, so the couple does all make-love scenes even without getting married. Imran Khan plays a boy character who pines for his ex-girlfriend Payal, who broke up with him after five –year relationship.