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'Mantra' starring Kalki Koechlin, Shiv Pandit, Rajat Kapoor, Shiv Pandit and Lucien Dube is one of the awaited movies of 2016. This film the debut venture of Nicholas Khargonkor as a director. The flick is the story set back in 2004 when by the introduction of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation MNC's were introduced in India. No other director or writer has invested time to make a movie on that phrase, but a debut director had the guts to direct it. According to Nicholas Khargonkor, Bollywood hasn't witnessed a flick based on the changes in India faced after the introduction of Economic reforms in India.

He felt that the history of the nation needs to come in front of the youth. The story is about the buyout of an Indian company, King Chips after it faced a severe competition from an international brand Kipper Crisps and lost the battle. Side by side family of the owner of King Chips, including his wife and three children are also facing many problems. The writer took eight long years to built this story and wrote a script. He has gone through many books, magazines, met journalists, reporters and researched a lot to gave the final finishes to his script. Funding of the film has an interesting story in itself to tell.

The director and his team had raised 20 lakhs on their own to make this flick possible through crowdfunding which is a new concept in itself for Bollywood. Crowdfunding is raising fund from the crowd. 67 Backers have raised 20 lakhs approx for ‘ Mantra’. Director feared that no producer would invest money in such a risky project. So they raised money on their own and the technical department too doesn't have any big names to flaunt. The movie doesn't involve high cost of making and the actors like Kalki signed the movie after just hearing the script without any word about money. According to Nicholas, ”It was the belief of the team and technicians that made this film possible.’’ About the casting, Kapil Kapoor, the owner of King Chips is played by Rajat Kapoor.

The actress known for her unconventional roles, Kalki Koechlin, plays her daughter in the movie. The characters of rest of the cast are still under wraps and would be unfolded only on release date. The trailer of the flick is also awaited. But one thing is guaranteed that this unique storyline is all set to rock. International film festivals and critics are eagerly waiting for it. Unique name to amazing actors to some new concepts of raising funds, ‘Mantra’ has all in it. These all aspects make it one of the awaited art movies of this year.