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Piku ( Deepika Padukone) works as an architect in Delhi and lives with Bhaskor Banerjee ( Amitabh Bachchan), who left Kolkata after his retirement. Piku is an irritating and annoying girl who always gets the drivers of a cab company into problems by continuously asking them to increase the speed. This makes all drivers to resist her. Bhaskor is somewhat like his daughter and is a patient of chronic constipation. He spends time discussing about gastric conditions and constipation and their remedies. This often leads to debate between the two. Piku is close to Syed, who works with her. Bhaskor is against the marriage and says that only low IQ people marry. When he sees Piku talking to someone in a party, he disrupts the conservation by that his daughter is moody person and also not a virgin.

Bhaskor’s brother lives in Kolkata with his wife in Bhaskor’s house. He and Piku plans to visit him in Kolkata. Piku wants to sell that house, but not Bhaskor. Bhaskor avoids train or plane for journey because of his psychological and health related issues so they book a cab for the journey of 1500 km. Cab’s driver does not appear, knowing about Piku behavior. Therefore Rana Chaudhary, company’s owner decides to drive the cab personally. In the journey, Piku becomes friend with Rana. Bhaskor also involves with Rana. When they reach the final destination, Rana prepares to return, but he is stopped by Bhaskor, who said that he would have exhausted driving for a long distance. Piku shows Rana the city as they grow closer. Rana solves her dilemma by telling her not to sell her ancestral home. Piku tells Rana that she does not want to marry so that she can look after her father. On the other hand Bhaskor has no problem over Piku’s relations with men, but doesn’t want her to marry.

Bhaskor takes a round of the city on a bicycle and thus, experiences the beauty of city, while everyone desperately waits for him at home. After returning, while he takes a bath, he insists on having a cycle ride the next day while Piku restricts his doing so. She says that he is 70 years of age and that his heart is not strong enough to take this. After coming out of the bathroom, he tells that Rana correctly said that we must eat everything as he just experienced the best motion ever. Piku asks him not to cycle from next day.

Next day Piku finds that her father died peacefully the last night due to either sleep apnea or cardiac anthemia. Bhaskor always wanted to die peacefully without any tubes or ventilator. Piku declares that her father had no dilemma or ache and the only problem he had was of constipation, which he overcame lately. She further says that she would miss him. On returning to Delhi, she finds that Syed also suffers from constipation and soon they break up. While she was paying Rana, he says that after overcoming her father’s habits, she was now among great women league consisting of Rani Lakshmi Bai and Anne Basant. She says that parents must not be judged, and that one must go with them. Rana says that not many people think that way these days.

He, then asks whether she will live alone, to which she replies that she was prepared by her father for this. In memory of her father, she names the house as ‘Bhaskor Villa’.