Read review for this film "Secret Movie Review"

‘Secret’ is a Hindi film directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Ramu is known for his inspiring tale revolved around society guys and girls. This film is also no exception. Sometimes he gives an erotic twist to this tale to keep viewers’ interest totally pact. Here too, Ramu has proved us again each love looks like a unique fingerprint for true lovers.

Ram Gopal Varma has chosen the mobile as a valuable tool-kit to narrate the basic plot that each man has his affair hidden in a cell phone’. Has then actually cell phone become a virtual reality, dominating each and every pulse of human life? Cyber-infidelity is as common as marriage, thanks to the internet and smartphones, to real life infidelity, there are no statistics yet showing this.

Thanks to writer Ram Gopal Varma to take this topic and elaborate on this issue. In this film, Sachin Joshi plays the role of an architect and is happily married to a loving wife played by Kainaat Arora. Both have a son. Soon, another woman (played by Meera Chopra) invades his married life. Both have a secret. But their secret is watched by their boss (played by Makarand Deshpande).

Maverick director Ramu wants to make Indian wives cautious, by telling what little free time the husband has for them only, not to cyber flirting, a good concept indeed! In this film, veteran actress, Tisca Chopra plays the role of a lawyer. Jeet Ganguly has scored the music. S Rammy, who has worked with Ramu in his earlier flick ' Killing Veerappan,' takes the credit of cinematography. R Kamla has done the editing work. Ram Gopal Verma is always known for an awful screenplay, direction and story idea too.

‘Secret’ is a story on extra-marital affairs and this makes a good movie that he caught on the intellect and on the actual scenario of extra-marital that happens through cyber flirting only! At the end, Sachin understands his folly for having a secret relationship with his co-worker Meera Chopra and knows his wife’s true love.