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Arjuna’s ( Prajwal Devaraj) pregnant wife is killed by three men who are a power politician, cop and district collector. This forms the basic plot of the story. It is a vengeance drama which we have seen enough times on screen. There is nothing new in the plot. The film also takes a note how in order to take avenge of his wife’s death, Arjuna kills the district collector and the cop. Later, when he sets out to seek revenge on the politician, to his utter dismay, he finds a police officer (ACP) on his trial kills the politician and thus ACP gives a chance to Arjuna to go scot-free. No doubt, it is one kind of avenger movies where a quick killing by ACP (played by Devraj) is in order to recap the sequence of events is what we have seen in many movies earlier too! The story, screenplay and even direction of this movie are handled by P.C. Sekhar who has done just a below average work. He could not maintain the pace of narration along with the plot. Thus, when the plot got stronger, the narration became weaker. The story was moving in a suspenseful manner when the news of murder investigation of the district collector breaks out! It is then lookout for Arjuna by ACP gets going and Arjuna also feels some panic in his heart.

The movie shows Devraj as an honest police officer who is in a a lookout for Arjuna, who killed the district collector. The film also opens up with an idea that Arjuna was a very innocent man who was happily married to Bhama. But when he found his innocent pregnant wife dead, he took to the path of a mysterious killer! The film also has shown how a murder is committed without leaving a clue, also how the murderer can plot to do a series of murder thus throwing dust in the eyes of the law.

The film also might have taken a few inspiration from revengeful Hindi films and the way Devraj potrayed the role of dynamic police officer looks just a routine work. The director tries to develop a good chemistry between the two characters Prajwal Devaraj. and the ACP who builds up his suspicion on Prajwal who is working in district collector office. Prajwal Devaraj is totally suitable for the role and he has portrayed all his histrionics that was necessary for the role. The film ‘Arjuna’ can be still a favorite among Prajwal‘s fans, especially for the teenagers.