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This film is exquisitely made, and it is a terrifying horror movie to the limited extent with beautiful songs and dances. But the concepts of black magic, myths of Witch characters are inserted to make the film more horror some. Horror thrillers need high technical utilities to work, and this film justified having done so. It a quintessential horror film with a visceral cinematic experience, good background music, and even some melodious songs which are catchy too.

It is a story about a painter Arjun who is on the lookout to buy an old palace for his beloved wife to gift her. When this wedded couple moved to the new palace, the wife feels there is some connection of ghosts in the Palace. She even finds out some paintings of her husband which bear an accurate resemblance to some ghosts. What happens exactly to the couple in the palace? The couple is frightened by some supernatural being in the palace that disappears. The film revolves around the subject of a wounded spirit that affects the wife very much.

The spirit also tries back to make the husband realize his past love? Why did the spirit not harm the husband? And what was the reason for the trapped spirit to take revenge on the couple? The Palace played a major role in its screenplay. As a result, the gifted palace becomes a haunted Palace later on. Through this film, the director Yogesh had tried to convey us that our loved ones in spirit have several ways to send the message. So was it an unfinished love of the spirit?

Kamna Jethmalani appears in the movie as a sensuous ghost, and Karthik Jayaram plays the role of handsome husband, and actress Sumukhi is his partner who really looked very convincing in the role. Karthik is a fabulous actor, and perhaps he is one of the best actors with minimal facial expression in this movie. Actor Girish Karnad has nothing much to appear in this movie.