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‘Charlie’ is a failed love triangle that neither impresses masses nor convinces them, to say the least. The film is shot from the perspective of three characters in a love triangle. The director Shiva has tried to portray the triangular love story in a hurry, and hence although it is a simple, warm love story, we get a stupid triangular situation. How? Let us narrate the story here.

Charlie is known as Cheluvanaryana Swamy changed his name to Charlie (Played by Krishna) and has a decent job. He moves to Hampi with a new assignment where he finds a girl Gayathri ( Vaishali Deepak) being ill-tortured by her father. Hence, Charlie brings the girl to Bengaluru where she joins a college. She does not know that Charlie likes her. In college, Gayathri falls in love with a college guy Rishi. When Charlie comes to know about this, he gets a shock! However, to impress Charlie now, another girl Purvi ( Milana Nagaraj) enters his life.

There is a twist in the triangular love story. Gayathri gets pregnant but her lover Rishi gets killed. Who will accept this unwed and the pregnant Gayathri in society? Will Charlie be able to separate him from Purvi? How this triangular love story ends forms the rest of the tale! It is nice to see that Krishna has carried the film on his shoulder. He is impressive in both serious and romantic scenes. He is totally expressive when he falls in love with Gayathri and loses her to Rishi. Two heroines Vaishali Deepak and Milana Nagaraj are just suitable in their role. F

antastic production elements and music ( Veer Samarth), and cinematography (Girish) describes the film as a visual beauty. A love triangle makes any dull plot interesting – but if it is the tried and tested formula of dozens of earlier films, then the film goes wrong. Charlie is an example of this!