Many of us have watched CID Tele-Serial on Sony TV regularly. But as we watch now this film Kendasampige, in theatres, we find that the plot is connected with the same CID serial. Here the story is penned on a drug racket and how police handles the drug racket in our society is the whole concept of this film. The hunger for money in police department is also being highlighted in this film. But, within the drug conflict, there appears also a love story, of a rich girl and a poor boy. 

The hero is obviously poor and the girl (heroine) is from an affluent family. But as their love story needs some U turn, there is an entry of different kinds of crimes and few criminals. Two lovers are played by Gowri (Manvitha) and Ravindra( Vicky). But girl’s mother does not want her daughter to fall in love with this poor lad, so she hatches a new plot to keep away her daughter from Ravindra. So, she informs the police commissioner about her daughter Gowri’s connection with Ravindra. Even a false case gets registered against Ravindra and he is sentenced to two years of rigorous imprisonment by a ruling of court. Does Vicky escape? 

Now, it is the real bond of two lovers that helps to reveal the drug racket and the corrupted police officer gets caught in the whole drama. The honest cop then gets to understand that the two lovers have been victimized, he lets the them free and that is the whole story of the film. Three corrupt police officers hide Rs 40 crores that they have received from the drug smugglers and chase the hero and heroine of the film. 

Meanwhile, when the hero is caught by the police and when he is sentenced to imprisonment, the hero takes the pistol and threatens the police. What happens to the police inspector and what happens to the two lovers is the story of the film. In this film, the hero is a criminal. But yet the girl has a soft corner for him. The boy and girl run away from police's clutches and the police chases them. 

This cat and mouse play between the police and the lovers is the whole plot in the story. The lovers come to know that it is not their love but their life is being threatened by drug smugglers and corrupt police personnel. When the honest cop comes to know that their own police department is involved in the drug racket, he sets the lovers free and unites them as they are innocent. The film is directed by Duniya Soori and had released in theatres on September 25, 2015.