Nanu Avanalla Avalu

Naanu Avanalla...Avalu is one of the best movies about transgender people. The film based on a transgender Vidya's life fetched the ‘National Award” for actor Sanchari Vijay in the year 2015 for a strong portrayal of the character. It is certainly one of the biggest releases ever featuring a transgender main character. The film was bit sensational too as the actor had to take on another transformative role of Madesha to Vidya, playing a screen character ever in an Indian movie, where that the actor was seen to undergo sex reassignment surgery in the film.

Well, this is a tale of a boy Madesha (played by Sanchari Vijay) who had a feminine character in his body and even womanly feelings right from his teenage. He was often advised by his father not to dress up in a feminine manner or even take part in any transgender role in dramas. His father only had advised him to take up studies seriously. Madesha could not stay any longer with his family as villagers used to mock at his behavior and even find his character objectionable. This led to Madesha’s frustration in life and he leaves the village and gets settled in Bengaluru. Here in Bengaluru, Madesha falls in the bad trap and tries to convert himself into a female and thereby leaves for Pune where he even gets the surgery done to change his sex to a woman.

The film totally depicts the lives of transgender people who do not regret their sex changes typically and get buried in hell in the society. As Madesha transforms himself to Vidya, she is only left with an option to beg and earn for her living. While Vidya wants to find her a job as she is a post-graduate, she is either beaten up or rejected totally. This whole narration is totally told to viewers in a flashback! The film opens up with showing how Vidya is caught by police while roaming in streets of Bengaluru. In the police station, she narrates her past life in a flashback! Well, it is an author-backed role for the actor Sanchari Vijay no doubt. For his transformative role as the real-life transgender youth, the actor Sanchari Vijay earned the Best actor award but what is so special about this movie is that the director B. S. Lingadevaru created all the incidents that could be true to the character of Vidya/Madesha. One mention about the makeup artist Raju Nagaraj is necessary as he also had won a national award in the same year in the make-up category! It is true actors need to adapt themselves to the demands of the script and character crafted by filmmakers but transgender issues are one of the world’s oldest profession and through a bunch of great films featuring iconic characters living as transgender can be really worth watching! In this movie, even after being banned by his family for his girlish nature, the actor Sanchari Vijay(Madesha/Vidya) moves on in his life without comprising for the sake of the people living in the society!