The film opened up with police constable finding clues of murder in which Soori has his hand. Soori has a sister, who receives nasty messages on her mobile phone from a person at a mobile recharge shop. He strikes him and then realizes that he has gained the anger of Tiger (played by Ravi Shankar).

He falls to the gangster turf and will not be able to come out of the series of revenge. Soori will also have some genuine friends. But how they become a gang was not revealed in the flick.

Soori will also have a childhood friend named Meera (played by Aakanksha). She loves Soori and decides to wed him. Will they enter the wedlock? And will the enemies allow him to live happily? This forms the rest of the story.

It's a story full of brutality, killing, and bitter ironies and nothing extra. There are also multiple scenes in the movie where he does not leave his bike even for a moment.