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The Kannada film has named the central character as Neenu (which means "you") which is played by Upendra. He is a very relaxed man in life who has nothing to worry for future or even present. His life mantra is to be content with present times and never worry about past or even future. Nice Mantra for all of us indeed. 

When the hero believes in some mantra, naturally the film has to yield to a result. Otherwise the narration will go flat and the film will draw flak even from the audiences. Hence director creates some situations to show how this mantra can bring positive results. 

Therefore there is a don from Dubai who wants to hunt him. “But why?” is the question one can ask How can a calm-natured person worry a Don, this is the film story. 

Despite his hard toil he accepts no money in return of his service. He comes across Lakshmi( Kristina Akheeva), who is the heroine of the film. She is a student of psychology. She likes Neenu. She falls in love with him, who is a very selfless person. She tries hard to bring him out of this selflessness and wants to teach him about the world which is a bit selfish. Does she accomplish in her efforts?

Now an underworld don Saleem (Shobraj) is in constant quest of finding Neenu and so are the police too. When Lakshmi wants to get engaged with Neenu (Upendra), a twist comes in the tale. Sheela ( Parul Yadav) reveals early life of Neenu(Upendra) to Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes to know from Sheela that Upendra was a sadhu in Himalayas and Sheela was in love with him. She tells he is a fraud and is eyeing a property of Rs 10 crore in the village. Just because of this deal in property, Upendra is being searched by police and even gang led-by Don. This is the whole story in this film. The film released on August 14, 2015 with the dubbed Telugu version titled Upendra-2, on same day.