Comedian Goundamani has made a comeback with ‘ 49 O’. First of all, the film director Arokiadoss idea here is meant to handle a serious issue which is quite laudable. Taking the national issue of the farmer's plight as the theme, the director brings in a village which strives to make a living with agriculture as its backbone, the hardships and the number of obstacles they face through their livelihood forms the plot. In 49-O, the central character played by Goundamani is a brilliant farmer who challenged the anti- social drama played by the corporate bodies and politicians, who tries to grab the lands for prosperity of real estate business. The setting of the movie is simple, a short-budget film made by Arockiyadoss to address the national issue of farmers.

Savuri (Goundamani) is a genuine farmer and he believes that the fertile land is the future of this country. Sadly, all village folks agree to sell their fertile land for the growth of real estate business that is managed by the Karikalan (Thirumurugan), son of a powerful politician. Later Savuri’s farmer folks understand their mistakes and want to get back their farming lands. When the farmers are tricked into selling the lands to the realtors, Goundamani tries to correct the farmers’ minds from falling prey to the shrewd realtors hands and thus, he becomes a messiah. Farmer folks also understand their mistakes and want to get back their farming lands. So this is the storyline of the film. Next we see how the plot is growing in the story. As politicians ignore the plights of the farmers and are no longer offering helping hands to the village people, Savuri nominates their trust-able candidate, but he also gets murdered. Then, Savuri starts a movement where voter of the constituency starts contesting for elections, which in turn brings the plight of the farmers to limelight and they get back their fertile lands. The theme of the movie is straightforward and simple, the impossible plight of the farmers stuck in a pool of games played by Politicians and realtors. In an attempt to win back their self-respect and their lost lands, Savuri comes up with a number of tricks; sometimes he meets with failure and sometimes with success, which moves the story sequence further.