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This movie maybe one of the best sports movie made in recent times. The film was made into a bilingual titled 'Irudhi Suttru'- in Tamil and ‘ Saala Khadoos’ in Hindi. The film boasts of powerful energy by debutant Ritika Singh into the role of a boxer and the boxing coach Madhavan. The film sketches some flaws of boxing association and does total justice in such narration.

Prabhu Selvaraj (Madhavan) is a failed boxer due to his alcohol habits. Though he is a very talented boxer, he falls into the nasty politics in the boxing association. He becomes extremely outraged over the selection as a coach for women's boxing team. He will get transferred to Chennai, and there he meets a fish selling girl named Madhi (Ritika). Madhi's elder sister, Luxmi ( Mumtaz Sorcar) will get training already from Madhavan to become a good boxer. But after finding a huge talent in Madhi, Luxmi will be neglected by Prabhu Selvaraj.

Things don't go well between Madhi and Prabhu due to his pitiless training given to her during the training period, and even she fails in a match. Prabhu then decides to make Madhi and her elder sister to stay in the hostel to get proper training. Initially, Madhi misunderstands him as a womanizer. Later he sells his own bike to buy a training equipment. Madhi, by seeing his dedication towards boxing she starts to work hard and on the day of competition, she expresses her love to Prabhu, but he quickly ignores her love. Luxmi injures Madhi's hand during the warm-up session due to her possessiveness over Madhi. Prabhu misunderstands Madhi when she loses the match and forces her to go out of the training camp.

Madhi then falls into the trap of Dev, who spoils her life by sending her to jail. Prabhu then rescues her and makes her join in wild card round. Madhi struggles to win the match and finally makes her coach Prabhu happy by winning the game