Jippa Jimikki is a story of two lovers who started out hating each other – but ended up together. When we set out to co-author a story which will be made into a film about two shipwrecked characters, then the narration and screenplay must not be dull.

In this film, two childhood friends Krishik (Krishik) and Sruthi (Kushbu Prasad) who knew each other well since their childhood had to marry each other because their parents wished so. Right from their childhood, two lovers started out hating each other, but their parents remained dear friends to each family. It is indeed true even that such love-hate relationship is an interpersonal relationship which one used to read in teen-romance novels. After marriage, the couple (Krishik and Sruthi) travel from Coimbatore to Coorg (a place in Karnataka) and in the journey we find rowdy chasing them, an attempt is even being made to rape the girl, and they trek amidst green pasture land or stopping near waterfalls, etc.

While Sruthi and Krishik were on a journey, they took help of a truck driver, a bullock cart owner and had a lift in a van, etc. while on their journey, two lovers listen to tales of the truck driver and the bullock cart owner, etc. that helped to change their mindset. On a weekend trip to Coorg, two lovers hate each other at the first sight; later fell in love as they crossed each day of the journey.

This film story is trapped in a loveless dull marriage with the boring scenes one after another while the director and the whole cast is pretending to tell viewers that this is a different love story.