There are movies which are 'ghostly' supernatural & spooky in nature or at least creepy and suspenseful. Pizza II: Villa is one such film ready to hit the theaters in the town. And obviously, it is not dull but a real supernatural and suspense film that can keep the viewers hooked till the end. Any suspense movie will feature a haunted house in the movie plot and this film is no exception.

The story begins this way. The male lead Ashok Selvan is a novelist who has inherited a house property in Puducherry after his father Nassar’s death. He comes to Puducherry for valuation of the property and becomes awestruck by the furniture and paintings that he found in the house. Soon, he invites his girlfriend Sanchitha Shetty to the house. Sanchita advises him not to sell the house. Meanwhile, Ashok Selvan gets a huge contract to publish his first novel and begins writing the second one. He considers the house to be lucky for him.

While writing the second story, he comes across some paintings of his father which are kept in the house. Through his father's drawings/paintings, he understands that his father had an alleged psychic ability to see events that happen in the future. Soon, he wins the literary award of the year which was predicted by a painting of his father. Unable to draw any further conclusion, he contacts an agent to sell the house. While the agent was on the way to make a deal for the house, he will be hurt. Because of this incident,, the agent comes to a conclusion that this is a “haunted” house which is a well-known place for horror and the agent backs out from the deal.

Does this house really affect psychic senses of Ashok Selvan? Or whether the love story of Selvan and Sanchita are made for real life? How does their relationship break-up? To know abbot more twists in the tale, one must not miss the best and most terrifying plus suspenseful movie of the year! The film can boast of excellent photography (by Deepak Kumar Padhy), taut screenplay ( Deepan Chakravarthy), and apt editing work ( Leo John Paul). Above all, the background music by Santhosh Narayanan needs special mention,The director Deepan Chakravarthy had really made a good masterpiece with a novel concept.