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Touted as a fantasy-adventure film, Puli had released in India with great fanfare and huge publicity. Second, it is also a film which brought back Bollywood Diva Sridevi Kapoor to co-star with Vijay. She also made this film as her comeback vehicle for Tamil audiences. 

The film will remain as one of the most costly costume drama film to hit the theatres. The Tamil film has been dubbed into two languages (Telugu and Hindi). While the regional version will be able to keep the audiences watch the movie, Hindi version translation draws total flak from audiences. 

Puli is almost like children’s fairly tale where birds speak and even tortoises teach life lessons. It looks like many characters are lifted from Harry Potter’s tale. When we expected this film to be a fantasy, the story was a total miss-match. Too much action scenes do not make this as a fantasy film either. Hope anyone would guess so. However, as we come across some characters like Liliputians to Betals or some strange characters –the case of the talking tortoises and talking turtles, could tell us that the film went to capture the fantasy concepts where the technical brilliance had in general outshined the basic plot of the film. 

One day a village head (Prabhu) finds a child floating in the river with bird’s egg in the basket, the babe grows up as hero Marudheeran (Vijay). The scene of Marudheeran’s childhood was basically shot in Kerala’s backwaters. Marudheeran also learns armour skills from Prabhu who remains as an advisor. Marudheeran grows up in the village seeing the atrocities committed by neighboring kingdom Vedalapuram, who have supernatural powers. A cruel Betal marshal Jalatharangan(Sudeep) now maintains a kingdom for Vedhalam warriors that has spread over 51 villages. The hero faces the kingdom’s warriors and tries to save the village from their atrocities. Thus an ultimate hero is born to save his village from the cruel queen and her scheming minister. This is the basic plot of the film. But as our hero cannot meet the queen without a mission the plot of the story takes a new turn and big twist. He is seen falling in love with his childhood girl friend Pavazhamalli played by Shruti Haasan. When love blossoms in their heart and the two lovers are willing to get married even, cruel betal marshal kidnaps Shruti. The queen Yavanarani (Sridevi) keeps Shruti as her captive in the prison. Now Marudheeran decides to enter the kingdom to rescue her. How does Marudheeran enter the fortress of Vedhalam and rescue his lover from the clutches of evil queen Sridevi forms the basic narration in the whole movie. Later, the hero comes in contact with queen’s daughter (played by Hansika Motwani), who falls in love with him. Why did the queen kidnap Shruti? The climax will tell that in detail. In order to retain fantasy concepts, fantasy characters like Liliputians are shown with archery skills and characters from animal kingdom like tortoise and turtles are kept to woo the viewers’ attention. But this concept fails anyway.

Film director Chimbu Devan makes just an effort to entertain. The story is all about how a Marudheeran saves a kingdom from evil. It has three leading ladies- Sridevi, Shruti Haasan and Hanskia Motwani to just add glamour quotient in the story.