Strawberry Movie

In this film, Pa. Vijay makes his debut as a director, producer and even as an actor. He tries to establish him as a hero. So he narrates a ghost story. The story has a linear storyline where D’Sousa (Joe Mallur) tells about how a soul of a human being stays at the place of death for 3 days and then after the sixteenth day roams within the world and netherworld and awaits for its first anniversary, after which leaves to the heavenly abode. The film actually tells us about the plight of a father and mother (played by Samuthriakani and Devayani) who lose their child ( Yuvina Parthavi) due to negligence of private school. As a grief-stricken parent they shape the story of the film very well. The movie tries to put forward a serious social issue, safety of school going kids. The director has taken the story from a real incident, but added ghost presence to combine horror throughout the movie. P. Vijay plays the role of a taxi driver who experiences paranormal activities and is informed that a spirit wants to communicate with him. What does the spirit want from the taxi driver forms the crux of the story?

The story even points out how the taxi driver helps the ghost to take revenge on the correspondent of the school, who is responsible for her death by road accident. Saravanan (Pa. Vijay) who is a call taxi driver gets booked for a month by a young woman Milovina ( Avani Modi), who happens to be the daughter of Joe Malluri. Milovina is a mystique painter, who spends all her time capturing the paranormal on canvas. She is assisted by her mother D’Souza (Joe Malluri) who conducts séances to help the spirits of the dead communicate with the living. In one such séance, they are contacted by the spirit of Anu (Yuvina), a little girl who lost her life in a freak accident. The father and daughter get in touch with Saravanan, who is really scared to know that spirit wants to contact him. Avani is a researcher of human souls who wakes them up and then paints them. In a scene, we find that the doll makes a mysterious appearance in his taxi and some inexplicable things occur and Avani informs Saravanan that a soul is trying to contact him and conducts a séance in which Saravanan finds that the soul is that of a girl Anu. Does Saravanan help Anu to achieve her goal to punish the correspondent of the school?