Unakenna Venum Sollu

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‘Unakenna Venum Sollu’ is a horror flick which revolves around a spirit that is wandering in seek of justice. The film was released desperately trying to compete with the Kollywood action-horror market but it lacks any of their subtlety or verve. ‘Unakenna Venum Sollu’ is a story of a couple (Jaqlene and Gunalan Morgan) -who comes from Singapore to admit their son in a hospital for a checkup but when they stay in a guest house during their son’s treatment, a spirit in the guest house troubles and scares them.

It is also a tale of Pooja (Jaqlene Prakash). When she was a pregnant, she abandones her child and gives it to a lady to adopt it. But on the same night, the ill-fated baby dies and she comes as a ghost to seek justice from their parents why they had abandoned her! The child ghost is named Daisy (played by Anu). Anu, as a ghost is really brilliant! Why Pooja and Karthick ( Deepak Paramesh) had a relationship out of wedlock is not clearly narrated in the movie.

Jaqlene and Deepak Paramesh were okay in their roles. Jaqlene does act pretty well when she realizes her mistake of abandoning the new-born child. Above all, another flaw in the movie is that it is important for the cinematographer to have a technical brilliance in any horror movie, but this movie lacked it totally. Performance wise the film was okay. The screenplay was very average. Director Srinath Ramalingam who made his debut as a director could have exceptionally well-written the film and stressed on right characterization and put a little more focus on screenwriting and did not break from the storyline.