The movie is based on a story with the same name which was published in a Tamil Magazine. Vishnu and writer Subha have weaved out a screenplay that gives equal weightage to the lead characters Arya and Kreshna who has two different characters to portray on the screen. Chinna (Arya) is a local goon who thrives on gambling and petty work. He is a carefree youngster and an ardent Thala fan from Thoothukudi. He murders a thug who tears the tickets of Ajith's Veeram. As per the advice given by Chinna's godfather, he leaves to Chennai and hides for some time. Elsewhere is Karthik( Kreshna), a guy who breathes, lives and sleeps with one goal; to become an actor at any cost supported by his ladylove Deepa (Swathi). Karthik (Kreshna) is an aspiring actor who gets motivated by his girlfriend Deepa (Swathi) and comes to Chennai with a lot of dreams. They both (Arya and Kreshna) come to Chennai and bump into each other but do not become friends. Their life turns upside down as both of them get into wrong cars! 

The story of the film deals with murder, shattered dreams of young boys (Kreshna and Arya) and a young woman ( Swathi Reddy) fear that her boyfriend may have run away with someone else. Vishnu also spins the story of Deepa who is gifted with unusual powers of foreseeing the future, and the plot to assassinate her forms the story, why, how, are some questions ' Yatchan' will answer. In this film, Vishnuvardhan builds the personalities of duos. Arya is a ruffian who has nothing to lose, while Kreshna wants to become an aspiring actor without losing hope even once. Director Vishnu takes time to build the personalities of duos, Arya as a ruffian who has nothing to lose, a character he has exhibited excellence from his 'Arindhum Ariyamalum' and ' Pattiyal' days. Kreshna as an aspiring actor, lives to excel his dream of acting and tries without losing hope; a different attempt from the upcoming actor. Both of them arrive to Chennai with different intentions, and thus director Vishnu takes a lot of time in establishing the eagerness on how these two would character meet at their crossroads.