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Bengal Tiger is a movie that was hanging for years in the production line for want of which actor would essay the role. First, Pawan Kalyan was the choice; later Ravi Teja made an entry after the exit of Pawan Kalyan. The film was shot at a high-budget and had a mix locale from Europe to Pollachi to execute film some song-dance sequence. The story totally sucks, and so does the screenplay and direction.

The only saving grace is the performance of Boman Irani and other two heroines Tamannaah and Rashi Khanna. Every part of the film is totally predictable and has nothing new to offer to audiences. It is a story of a careless youth Akash( Ravi Teja) who was rejected by her lover Meera (Tamannaah) once, but he finally ties the knot with her. Well, If the first heroine rejects the hero, there must be a place for a second heroine Shradha (Rashi Khanna) too. So, how does Shradha appear in the movie? Shradha is a daughter of a Home Minister Ashok Gajapati(Boman Irani) who falls in love with Akash despite her marriage was fixed to Karan (Harshavardhan Rane).

Akash was employed as an officer on special duty to guard Shradha as she is a minister’s daughter.But when Gatjapati announces Akash and Shradha’s love openly at a birthday party of his daughter; Akash rejects such relationship claiming that he had loved Meera always. In between love tangle, there is also a political angle as Boman Irani is a politician. Soon, Ravi Teja exposes Irani’s tactics and lawlessness, and thus Irani's political career suffers in hands of Teja.

The Director, Sampath Nandi could not elaborate the script properly and even could not exploit Ravi Teja’s potentialities fully as an actor. Although Ravi Teja can impress his cine buffs through his mannerisms, there is nothing new in his role. The soundtrack of music director Bheems Cecireleo is above average. There is not much scope for cinematographer Soundararajan to create impact in the film. This is a film which Ravi Teja’s fans would watch many times but for others watching once is more than enough!