Courier Boy Kalyan

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Courier Boy Kalyan is lifted from Hollywood film Premium Rush and the film is also being shot in Tamil as Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum with Jai in the lead role. The Telugu movie released on September 12. The movie runs on the plot of a medical mafia, where few doctors try to sell stem cells of fetus from pregnant boy by creating abortion to them. The film opens in locales of Romania in the Eastern Europe, where a doctor (Ashutos Rana) is seen doing research on stem cells in his research center. The research center is associated with a hospital where sudden abortions are being carried out. When a patient’s brother comes to know about the irregularities happening in the hospital & the research center, the doctor shifts base to Hyderabad, India. He takes up his research in Hyderabad and a ward boy comes to know of his secret plans. The ward boy Mallesh, spies the doctor and gathers the evidences and sends the samples through a courier to the social activist Satyamurthy (Nasser). There comes Kalayan, the courier boy, who gets the courier in his hand. Knowing this, the Doctor chases him. Does Kalyan manage to hand over the parcel? This is the story.

In this film, Kalyan (Nithin) is an unemployed youngster who takes up a courier job. He falls in love with a sales girl Kavya ( Yami Gautam) at first sight when he delivers a cover to her on behalf of his friend. It is all for the girl that he takes up his job in courier office to woo her finally. The young boy continues to do the job to impress Kavya. When their love was going strong, a chase happens. The courier to be delivered to Sathyamurthy falls in the hands of Kalyan, who has to deliver the parcel to the activist and accidentally he gets involved in the issue. The doctor comes to know about the secret courier has reached in the hands of Kalyan and he sends some goons behind Kalyan. How Kalyan deals with the situation and how he puts a full stop to the medical mafia, is the remaining part of the story. The film is produced by Gautham Menon under the banners Photon Kathaas and Gurufilms.