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Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) meets his old friend Kalyan ( Ravi Teja), who got married with Naina (Ileana) and got settled by leading a luxurious life. There Kalyan Krishna comes to about Kalyan’s son, Robin Hood, a doctor in US, who wants to start his own hospital in his native Hyderabad town to serve people. It is then his father reveals that the ancestral property of their is being grabbed by a local goon in Hyderabad by Settlement Durga( Ashish Vidyarthi). However, Robin Hood comes and settles in Hyderabad in a rented house of Pandit Ravi Teja (Brahmanandam). Robin Hood knows very well that it was Durga and Pandit had plotted against them to grab the land. He faces them boldly and tries to take a revenge. The scene then takes its twist from Hyderabad to village in Bihar, where the narration in the film tells us that cruelty had prevailed in the village. The village is captured by a henchman, Solomon Singh Thakur (Ravi Kishen).

The villagers seek a godsend man to arrive in the village and save them. Solomon Singh thinks that, he himself is the son of God. He tortures people there, kills whoever confronts him and makes their children addicted to drugs. The people in the village desperately look for a savior. As the story advances, Robin Hood comes across a local politician in Hyderabad Jatcharlla Balram (Madhu). Due to some differences, Robin Hood smashes the politician in front of public and a village man from Vilaspur happens to see this kind of bravery of Robin Hood first time in life. Quite impressed with Robin Hood, the villager tells about this incident to his village folks in Vilaspur. However, Robin is now able to meet Chaitra (his lady love played by Rakul Preet Singh). Chaitra is an aspiring writer, who looks for an inspiring story, proposes Robin. Does Robin accept her love? In between, there is another twist to Robin’s tale. He cheats Pandit and grabs his house and sells it. Chaitra finds that there is no difference between Robin and Durga. Robin clarifies the matter and says that it was Pandit, who gave the idea to Durga to grab the land. Thus a punishment was meted to them. Robin even gets back the land from Durga and other lands which Durga had grabbed from local people. On the day of departure to US, Robin realizes that he loves Chaitra and comes back to her. It is then the whole mystery behind why Chaitra had met Robin Hood and fallen in love with Robin Hood gets revealed. Chaitra has been a girl of village Vilaspur and she was sent by local village people to understand Robin better. As Chaitra leaves the scene, she leaves a diary to tell Robin where she is now. After her message, Robin Hood comes to Vilaspur and faces Solomon Singh Thakur. After killing Thakur’s henchman’s, he leaves Thakur in mercy of the villagers, who now put kerosene upon him and try to get him burnt. After achieving his goal in India, Robin Hood leaves for US with his lady.

The film is a true Robin Hood drama and is being told with extra-ordinary stunt scenes, beautiful locations and bright performance from Ravi Teja. Kick 2 stays true to formula films –where there is a true introduction to hero and villain character and extraordinary comedy and romance to cheer viewers.