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Filmmaker Gunasekhar's "Rudhramadevi" is a take on a historical event, and also based on mythic, legendary, and a heroic figure 'Rudhramadevi' who was a queen in Deccan Plateau. In order to make it an epic drama, the film has added an extravagant setting and lavish costumes to narrate the beautiful story of the queen who ruled the Kakatiya dynasty showing woman empowerment in the society. Of late, the historical films have been making it’s impact upon us and this film is no exception. Besides this, the title role of actress Anushka Shetty has landed her in top position in one of the most expensive films ever made in Telugu film industry. Since this is an epic film set up in the medieval era, it was lavish to produce this film, because ‘Rudramadevi’ required elaborate and panoramic settings. The film production was an example of spectacular and monumental epic film-making. It was also a milestone war film set-up in the era (1245–1289) throughout cinematic history and perhaps one of the best war movies specific to the conflict that it represented the historical accuracy.

The narration of the movie is in this manner. She (Rudhramadevi) rules the kingdom jointly with her father Ganapathi Deva as his co-regent from (1259-60) under the name of Rudradeva Maharaja. She was disguised as a man because her father fears that she may be get killed in the hands of their enemies if they come to know that she is a girl child. She had her two childhood friends played by actor Rana Daggubati and Allu Arjun. Although she was a man from outside, deep inside her there is a woman. Hence, she likes Niadadavolu prince (Rana Daggubati) who was her childhood prince and even friend but she was not able to express her love for him. Later, Gona Ganna Reddy (Alla Arjun) too came in her life, but he was suspicious of her male identity and turned down the offer. Alla Arjun is terrific in his role and so was Rana Daggubati in his performance. All these three actors ( Alla Arjun, Rana, and Anushka) has acted flawlessly as per the script, but it was Anushka Shetty who totally stole the show. This movie got released after Baahubali which garnered her even more stardom.

Being a contemporary epic film, with their multi-assembled actor casts and crews, the film can easily boast of monumental sets and excellent choreography (both fight and dance) and set design. Plus, the epic's expansive visual style has been just outstanding! In the eyes of the masses, the film was a totally good entertainer! The magic of this movie is such that the cast and the performance will not fade away very soon!