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Assistant Costume Designer

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Assistant Costume Designer Is The Backbone Of The Costume Designer

The Assistant Costume Designer should work under the supervision of the senior designer and assist him/her in the breakdowns of script and costume, keep track of the budget, do some research for designers about the costume styles or designs, etc. He or she should oversee the completion of the tasks and leave the costume designer free to sketch, create and meet with the cast, producer, and director. The assistant’s role usually vary depending on the needs of his/her superior, which usually include overseeing the inventory of the materials to use, schedule fittings with the cast or could also serve as the main buyer for the costumes or accessories needed. When doing fittings, the assistant should provide creative input. He or she is also responsible for jotting down the alterations, photographs, and measurements.

The Costume Assistant Designer is responsible for the departmental budget, which includes hiring, creating or buying costumes and estimating the total costs of other resources. He or she is also in-charge of the preparation of the entire production schedules and should have contact with costume makers and costumiers. Assistants should maintain the costume arrangement within the department and ensure that everything runs accordingly. He or she should be on the set when the costume was worn for the first time to make sure that the artist/performer is comfortable, or to carry out any repairs or alterations."