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Dialog Speaks For The Character

Dialogs are also known as dialogues is a conversation between two or more people in either a film or TV show. Dialogues are generally written or scripted by the scriptwriter and/or dialogue supervisor. He/ she take care of the dialogue delivery of the character and train them to speak the dialogue in a certain way in needed such as in an accent for a film role. A dialogue gives the character a certain life and makes it easier to understand what the film or TV show is about. Without dialogues a movie becomes monotonous and audience might lose interest. Dialogues are used to explain the storyline in the characters own words and perspective.

They make the viewers think about the story or plot much more deeply. It is a very important element of the film and helps in shaping how the film moves forward in the storyline. A film has many dialogues spoken at many times and maybe even at the same time. Dialogues are also written based upon the character in the film or TV shows. They can be direct, subtle, harsh, romantic or any other emotion or description depending on the plot. They can also be funny or witty according to the role of the character.