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Final Movie Promotion Is Done By The Distributor

A Distributor or often refer to as Film Distributor is in charge of marketing the film. Their company is not the same as the production company. Their deals are vital for financing the film. The distributor may set the film’s release date and the procedures for making the film available for viewing directly to the public, either for home viewing or theatrically. The distributor, who owns the film distribution networks or a theatre, can do this directly while the limited distributor can only deal with specific products (Blu-ray or DVDs) or act in a certain market or country.

One of the distributor’s main role is to ensure that the comprehensive line of marketing materials can be obtained for each film, which can attract a large number of audiences. He or she should also make such advertising if the production company won’t provide it and arrange the delivery of the advertising materials chosen by the exhibitor before the opening day. If the distributor is handling foreign film, he or she is also in-charge of the film’s dubbing and subtitling, secure censorship and other organizational or legal consent for the exhibition of the film, depending on the country where they do business."