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Judges Make Judgement

A judge is a person who forms an opinion or estimation of after careful judgement. He is the person who decides the winner of particular contests after particular deliberation. A judge’s job is to judge, to test and to correct. The contestants expect the judges to be impartial and expect a fair performance judgement from each judge. Judges need to be accurate in making correct decisions and pick the total points carefully. They also need to be fair and trustworthy.

They need to withhold the trust of the contestants, contest official and the audience as they have been entrusted with picking out the winner. Judges need to know the contest rules and need to be observant or good listeners as per the contest. Judges need to have the quality of constantly encouraging and inspiring others and giving corrections. Judges need to get the production and choreography as well as have the need to understand the difference between poor technique and smart theatrics.

They must know the which performance levels and techniques and react to each contestant according to their age. They must know the judgement criteria and the award categories and judge the contestants based on the same. Patience and flexibility are two most important attributes in the judging world. A judge’s demeanour and attitude always affect the contestant on stage, so they must be absolutely professional and respectful all the time. All in all, the role of a judge is part judging, part critic, and part inspirational communicator.