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Music Editor

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The Changes Make The Music Better(music-editor)

A person with excellent musical sense and good technical knowledge has the caliber to work at this post. Familiar with all genres of music, a music editor shall have great communication skills too. The music editor works with the picture editor, director and the composer to work on the music and its presentation in the movie. The music shall be going with the flow of the movements of the pictures in the film. The cues of each soundtrack are noted- it may (will) require mixing of various soundtracks and enhancing the quality and texture of music.

The changes, if any, are reported to the composer. They may want them to generate a cue breakdown and therefore get predict the beats, tempo, and meter of the song. Also, the music editor prepares the Cue Sheet which includes all the music that has featured in a particular movie, and it’s then sent to the exhibitors. They assemble sound recordings, enhance the quality and add the approved changes to it, and make the final audio.