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Project Head

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Project Head Leads The Team

No matter what industry or field a project manager works for, his works is always summarized in the form of four key steps namely plan, organize, lead and control. The first thing a project manager does is to plan before starting any particular project. He first prepares a description of the specific project which helps in clarifying the scope of the project; he develops the plan and schedule of the project afterwards and creates different policies regarding it. Next thing is he determines the team members, distribute the work between them.

He also contacts different people regarding the funds of the project. He also dedicates his time in moving his team in the right direction, also help in coordinating between various team members. He helps the team members where they can get struck and evaluates and correct their work time to time. They also set deadlines for projects and monitor its progress, they see through each phase of development of the project to ensure that they deliver their best performance