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Budbudke Malinga is a hilarious TV show which is telecast on Raj Musix Kannada. It showcases mock interviews of celebrities to the audience which provides as a source of entertainment to them. It takes certain best-fit clips from particular celebrities’ certain interviews and asks embarrassing questions, whose answer is the selected clip. It is a mock interview of various famous people. It is a hilarious show, and it has captured the viewer’s heart with their amazing comic timing. Even though the content of the show is really comical, it may seem offensive to many others. In short, it is an out and out hilarious comedy show which has made its viewers laugh from the beginning.

Without humor, one can never see the positive things in life. One can never laugh or be happy about anything. The show was telecast with the only purpose of making the audience laugh. The hilarious questions asked and the reply of the celebrities leaves everyone in splits. The thing which makes it funnier is that the people watching the show know that the answers which the celebrities give are not exactly answered by them and that they originally said all this in some other interview. It is edited in a hilarious way to suit the questions.

It is a great show whose entertainment quotient makes it all the more interesting to all those who are bored or are upset about various personal or private reasons. Some of the episodes of “Budbudke Malinga” are available online on YouTube or various other sites.

Many celebrities have had a mock interview on this show. Some are famous and some are not famous but nevertheless, they have been all fun. Some of the celebrities are Radhika Pandit, Shweta Srivastav, Ramya, Mythri, Sadhu Kokila, Srinagar Kitti, Harshika Poonacha, Bullet Prakash etc whose interviews have been used for this show. This show is offensive to those who are fans of the celebrities or love them. They feel offended when they see their favorite celebrities being insulted in public. For such viewers the show has a disclaimer message, in the beginning, informing them to not feel offended or take it personally as the entire content of the show is just for fun and doesn’t mean to hurt anybody's sentiments purposely. It makes sure the viewers enjoy the show and have a good time while watching it.


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