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Malayalam TV Serials Shaneeshwaran

Shaneeshwaran is a historical period drama. It is a Malayalam dubbed version of Karmafal Daata Shani which comes on Colors TV. Siddharth Kumar Tewary created and produced it under the banner Swastik Productions. Aviraj D, Sumit Thakur, and Kamal Moonga directed the show. Vinod Sharma, Siddharth Kumar Tewary, and Utkarsh Naithani were the writers of the show. The creative directors were Siddharth Tiwetiya, Nitin Gupta, and Anmol Surve. The cast of the show includes Kartikey Malviya aka young Shani, Juhi Parmar aka Chhaya and Sangya or Saranyu, Salil Ankola aka Suryadev, Devish Ahuja aka Yamraj, Drisha Kalyani aka Yami, Krish Chauhan aka Hanuman, Ishant Bhanushali aka Ganesha, Amar Deep Garg aka Brahma, Tarun Khanna aka Shiva, Diwakar Pundir aka Vishnu, Vijay Badlani aka Narada, Praneet Sharma aka Kakol, Gufi Paintal aka Vishwakarma, Tinu Verma aka Shukracharya, Kunal Bakshi aka Indra, Patrali Chattopadhyay aka Mohini, Vishal Nayak aka Pawan Dev, Raj Singh aka Chandra, Zohaib Siddiqui aka Rahu, Shweta Vyas aka Lakshmi, Kanan Malhotra aka Raja Harishchandra, Snigdha Akolkar aka Mata Anjani, and Jannat Zubair Rahmani aka Neelima or Shani’s Power or Shanipriya.

The story of the show is based on the Lord Shani’s life who is famous for his wrath. The show also depicts Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as Shani’s mentors. It also showcases how tough childhood Lord Shani had. Lord Shani is the most dreaded God by the people. He is known as the God of justice and also as the most powerful planet of the Zodiac. He is known as the keeper of the balance of evil and good Karma in the universe. He punishes the people who choose evil over good. But how much justified is his actions in teaching lessons to the sinners? To know the answers to all these questions, watch the show.

The main reason for creating the show was to show the positive side of Shani also as everyone is aware of the only negative side, but if Shani punishes the bad, he also rewards the people with good deeds. Suryadev was married to Daksha Kanya Sangya. She couldn’t tolerate the radiance of Suryadev and decided to do Tapasya so that either she increase her brilliance or decrease glare of Suryadev but he considered her as a spouse worshipping wife. They had three children together- Vaivastahva Manu, Yamraj, and Yami. Sangya loved her children a lot but being upset by the radiance of Suryadev, one day she created Chhaya of herself and named her Suvarna. She handed all her responsibilities to Chhaya and went to her father’s home telling her to call her if any problem arises and to take proper care of her husband and also children. Also, she warned her that their secret should not be known by anyone.

Her father, after learning everything, scolded her but being afraid that her secret will be out, she went to faraway forests and took repose there. She was worried for her safety due to her beauty and youthfulness and thus changed her form to a mare, and started her Tapasya. On the other hand, Chhaya and Suryadev got united, and three children were born- Manu, God Shani, and Putri Bhadra (Tapti). Suryadev never doubted anything. The show starts with this story but only Yamraj, Yami, and Shani are shown in the show. It is shown that Shani dev and Suryadev never got along well because of which Shani had to face many problems. Later, Sangya returns and misbehaves with Chhaya and also Shani.

It shows how Shani teaches lessons to all people who choose evil ways, not even considering their position. Shani is shown to be different from the regular children. He begins the conversation from the thing which one normally ends the conversation with. He is curt at times, but he is unaffected by what people think of him. He loves his mother the most. He follows her every order and is highly protective of her. Even when he was an infant, he eclipsed the Sun when he saw his father mistreating her mother as a new born baby. Surya Dev is the giver of life, knowledge, and light. He has supreme magnificence. He never differentiates when spreading the light. But when the light is harsh, it can burn, and the same applies to the giver of light.

Suryadev wants perfection around him, and his ego is his main weakness. He never forgave his son Shani for eclipsing him, Sun God, at the time of his (Shani) birth. His pride, many times, overpower his wisdom and cloud his judgment to remove which an eclipse is needed. The differences between father, Suryadev, and son, Shani, forms the main emotional spine of the show. The name Sangya means the one who articulates Suryadev, and this is what role she played, sincerely and lovingly.

Her children are her life, but she has one secret that whenever she goes near her husband, she burns a little so to be able to absorb the heat, she leaves to do Tapasya and left her clone, Chhaya behind which is the biggest risk of her life. But when she comes to know that Chhaya gave birth to Shani, we see a different Sangya with fire inside. Chhaya means the shadow which protects us from burning sun, and that is what she does between Suryadev and Shani. She is an ideal mother not only for Shani but also for Sangya’s children. As she is a clone, she only has the basic understanding of life at the beginning, but later she shows how she has a larger heart than Sangya, her creator.

Although she takes care of Yami and Yam, but feels that Shani needs her protection the most and tries her best to protect him, first from Suryadev’s wrath and then from the greed of Indra. All her life she fulfills her duties as a mother, and even dies while protecting her child. Yam or Yamraj has only one purpose in life which is to get approval from his father, and he keeps on burdening himself by remembering that he is the son of Suryadev. The existence of Shani, second son of Suryadev, is not liked by him but he loves Yami, his twin sister, and is very protective of her.

He has high belief in honesty, and a dishonest person is a sinner for him. He has an attitude to always follow rules which always clashes by Shani’s raw approach. He holds Shani responsible for insults that Suryadev hears. The clashes, competition, and the relationship between him and Shani forms the recurring theme of the show. Yami or Yamuna means the river of positivity. Her personality is full of zest for life. It is said that if she is not positive in a situation, then there is no hope. She often lands herself into trouble because of her mischievous nature. She is a river, and thus her mind is also free flowing like a river. She is a hyper-curious, simple, naïve, and intelligent girl. She is skillful in convincing someone.

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