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Vellai Thamarai is a mega serial telecasted on Sun Television Network during the afternoon session. It is a family oriented drama produced by Abhinaya Creations. It is a crime story which investigates about the murder of a guy who is in love with the heroine. In this serial, the heroine is portrayed as a bold lady and she tries to find out the murderers of her soul or love mate. It is mixed with lots of sentimental scenes and family drama added to it. The investigation goes on to find the murderers and the motive behind it.

Its his dear father who did the cold blooded murder of his lover boy. Upon knowing this, how heroine reacts and whether she punished his father herself for his crime or did she called the police and punished his father by law or did she reveal the truth to everyone or did she saved her father forms the plot of the story. The cast includes Eashwari Rai, Vadivukarasi, Abishek and many others. It received a mixed response from the audiences, some liked it and some didn’t. But everybody carried their characters on their shoulders well especially the heroine and the main character. It span more than 400 episodes.


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