Telugu TV Serials Chota Chef

Chota Chef is a cookery show in the Telugu language that airs on the food and ETV network which is fully dedicated to food and cooking. The show, Chota Chef was launched in the year 2017. The show aired its first episode on 13th January 2017. It has aired around 100 episodes so far. Each of these episodes airs for around half an hour. The show is usually aired in the afternoon on weekdays, that is, from Monday to Friday at 2:30 p.m. Chota Chef is a simple cooking show which is hosted by a bunch of young but talented kids. The essence of the show entirely lies in the host of the show. The show is hosted by young kids of nearly 10 to 13 years old. These kids host the show interchangeably. There are two hosts sharing the screen at a time.

Now since the show has kids as host, there is an obvious amount of fun and madness that happens on the show. These kids fight with each other, play pranks and crack jokes on each other and have a really fun time hosting the show. They also sometimes sing or narrate their favourite movie dialogues in a hero-style to entertain the audience. And they are almost successful at it also. The entire mood of the show is made by the inherent innocence and mischief made by the young hosts on the show. It is a sweet new take on a normal cookery show format. While all this fun is happening on screen, they also cook some delicious recipes for the viewers. Now since the show is hosted by kids who are also the chefs of the show, the recipes shown in the show are fairly simple. But the kids execute these recipes with utmost fitness.

Some of these recipes are also new and innovative, keeping a child’s perspective in mind and can be a great but different recipe for the young children amongst the viewers. The show also s=celebrates different festivals like Sankrantis, Diwali, republic day, etc., by making special recipes on those days. The show gives you some very simple yet delicious sweet recipes for food and drinks like Sunnundalu, Apple Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Custard, Semiya Badam Halwa, Biscuit Sandwich, Biscuit Milkshake, Fruit Salad, Melted Chocolate, Rabbi Lassi, Chocolate Crunchies, Moong Dal Sweet corn Halwa, Mango Shrikhand, Chocolate Truffle, Fruit Sandwich, Oats Mango Kheer, Banana Balls, Oats Kheer, Senagapappu Payassam, Mango pudding, Open sandwich, Biscuit bite, etc.

Some of the main course, snacks and starters recipes shown in the show are Chilli Paneer, Moongdaal Pongali, Corn Sandwich, Masala Wheat Puffs, Corn Chat, Egg Dosa, rajgiri Boondi Raita, Masala Palli Fry, Tirangi Poori, Paneer Pizza, Jeera Rice, Cheese Popcorn, Hotdog, Lemon Juice panipuri, Sprouts noodles, Potato Fry, Batatni Soup, Saggu Biyam Khichdi, Cheesy Palak Rice, Chat Cups, Keera Mango Salad, Dahi Bread, Potato Paneer, Aloo Bonda, Mamidikaya Pulihora, Idly Kebab, BattaniTikka, Sabudana Ponganalu, Pasta Pancake, Sweet Corn Ponganalu, Onion Ponganalu, Senagala Paneer Fry, Chicken Rice Tikka, Menthi Koora tikkies, Chicken Cheesy fries, Masala Idly, Oats sandwich, Garlic Buns, Moong Dal Potato balls, Suji Tikkies, Pesarala salad, Semiya Utthapam, Channa Butter fry, Bujiya Marmaralu, Masala vada, Dahi Bhalla, Palak Panipuri, Crunchy roti, Fried vegetables, Dry Fruit sandwich, Vundarallu, Potato cabbage bells, Chicken Cheese, Cheesy rolls, Lemon Poha, Paneer Pakoda, Capsicum Poha tikkis, Spicy soya, Aloo Cheela, etc.


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