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ETV presented until 25th May, 2013, Kumkuma Rekha, a television drama series. Since the first episode, it has been among the most appreciated television serials in years 2012-2013 because of the action and the story that is presented. It was broadcasted weekly from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM and successfully completed 570 episodes. Star actors are Kinnera, Bhuwaneswari, Prabhakar, Jeevitha, Rajitha, and Trisha Krishnan. With the help of the producers and the directors, they really made it a big hit.

The ETV staff said that it was the most successful television series that they ever broadcasted. The storyline of Kumkuma Rekha revolves around Viswanatham, who is a man from a middle class society with three daughters and a wife named Santhamma. Sudha is the main character in this series and is the eldest girl who went to study. Sudha keeps the family traditions and she is quite timid. There, she meets a girl called Lavanya who became her best friends. Sudha falls in love with a boy called Raghu, an M.B.A. student.

She made a mistake and gets pregnant with this boy without being married. Raghu disappeares and Lavanya convinces her to make an abortion. When she returned home, her father arranged her wedding with Ravi Shankar, the doctor who made her abortion. Ravi Shankar came home to visit her sister and from there, the arrangements started. To her surprise, the doctor accepted the wedding and Sudha became the wife of Ravi. The story takes many turnarounds and creates some tense moments for the viewers.


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