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Telugu TV Serials Andam Chudavaiah

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It is a Telugu TV show which used to air on RVS TV channel. The central theme around which the show revolves is fashion. It tries to teach and educate its audience about the type of clothes which will fit or will match with some or the other thing. One of the episodes casts Harika in which she tries to tell the viewers about how to do make-up and what kind of beauty products are upright for which type of skin. She states how to apply face powder and other such stuff on the face so that a person looks good.

She even speaks about the quantity which could be used so that the viewers who are watching the show do not find any problem when they are trying the same thing at their home. She also shows fashion show and how to get ready for one of them. The kind and the way she uses all her beauty product and tools is marvellous, and thus it appeals to the audience. It feels to the spectators as if they could do their make-up in the same manner so that they too could look good and fashionable. Another episode of the show features Priyanka Sampathy.

In her episode, she tells the importance of wearing skirts. She expresses that how a person can style a sarong with other stuff like a tee or a top. She conveys that when one can go out wearing a skirt and how one can look good and decent by wearing it. In her episode, she tells the importance and in the background, one can see different types of skirts been shown by her. She even explains about them. This episode also gained a lot of TRPs and thus, in turn, helped the whole show to rise.

Thus the entire show and each of its episodes deal with the importance of fashion in one’s life and thus how one can style every accessory they have with the available kind of clothes they have. The show stands to tell the importance of each and every product and also gives their opinion about the beauty products available in the market. There are various other episodes which only talk about fashion and the correct way to style anything and also about the cosmetics. The show has earned a lot of appreciation and has helped the RVS channel in getting such fame in such a short time span.

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