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Breakless Band Star Hitz is a musical show which is very popular in the Southern states of the country. It is derived from the mainstream show " Break Less Band" which is also telecasted on the same channel but features Hindi music. The show is broadcasted on Gemini Music network. The channel is already known for playing music round the clock for the whole day, and that proved to be a tough competition for the show to create its own space on the channel among the established shows.

However, the channel gave it a bumper time slot. It has managed to achieve a time slot which is considered as commercial and important in the evenings considering its genre of musical interest. It is broadcasted on Monday every week at 6 p.m.

The show features trending and hit songs of the previous week from Telugu films which have been recently released or launched. The entertainment package is very high on the show as it showcases the fast beats and party songs of the week with its unique and dramatized concept. It is very interesting as it is telecasted approximately at the same time when most of the office going audience reach their homes after a hectic schedule of the day.

The rally of the songs is non-stop, and this feature of its make it extraordinary and more importantly more entertaining for the audiences. The non-stop play of songs keeps the audience enjoy the show for a much longer period of time. There is also a very interesting fact that must be mentioned here related to the show.

The funniest part of the show is its advertisement and the prolog of the show which is animated. It is a similar version of the Break Less Band. The advertisement showcases an animated character with a very long mustache. It is more like a rope and increases the ambiguity of many faces like a milkman, vegetable vendor, and other persons. Finally, it gets curled up and forms a closed loop without having a break justifying its name i.e. Break Less Band Star Hitz.

It gained mass audience which comprises mostly of youth to bring it to the stage where it is today. The constant and intense research that js behind the show is the key feature for its success. The research team extensively follows the trend to make up the show and bring the freshest and the best songs of the week on a plate for the audience.


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