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This show is aired on Maa Gold channel at 9.30 pm from Monday to Friday. This show is exclusively for comedy skits and stand-up comedies. The comedians entertain the viewers throughout the episode with their jokes and comedy plays.  Comedy also has a variety of genres including alternative, black, character, cringe, improvisational, insult, mock commentary, musical, observational, physical, prop, spoof, sitcom, sketch, surreal, topical (satire) and wit.

This program predominantly features sitcom and stand-up comedy genres where playwrights concentrate on intellectual jokes with current affairs. They ensure to inculcate the art of learning through entertainment. The lead actor Kishore Das has captured the hearts of children by his appealing looks. They also have taken the responsibility to give knowledge and awareness through their performances. The program captivated people by the telecasts on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, etc.

The speciality of the program is in the selection of themes by the actors. Every episode gives new comic skits with interesting trends. The show enlightens the tired moods of the people with energetic and innovating comics. They also provide inspiration and switches in the relaxing mode. The show features a continuous pop of comedies that makes the audience tension free. Happiness is the vital emotion that is necessary for everyone on the earth. This show is just like a laughing gas that relieves the viewers from their inner pains. The show has many followers and subscribers in social media pages and websites. This show was welcomed with a great pomp and has gone a long way extending to season two.  The season one ended with hundred and twenty-two successful episodes aired from the end of June. The episodes had different themes. The plays with the titles ‘humour at its best’, ‘ news like never before’, ‘knowing your stars’, ‘full of entertainment’, ‘entertainment guaranteed’, ‘laughter and comedy news’, ‘witty weekends’, ‘trailers and jokes’ and ‘fun with teasers’ were marked humorous. The episode that captured million hearts and would rest in people’s mind forever was ‘Chronicles of Naidu’s family’. This episode was one of the best hit performances which had more than thousand likes and comments. The compilation of parodies, satires and lampoons by the skit players has never disturbed the feelings of the viewers. The program has added more credits to its director and also has contributed to the channel’s Television rating point. The program has so far fulfilled the expectations of the viewers. It is indeed a great compilation of gags.


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