Telugu TV Serials Vikramarka

Vikramaka is a Telugu television series based on the concept of rebirth and the previous life karma. The story circles three characters the great King, his brother and his love. The story is full of twist and turns with some pinch of love. The show creates an interesting plot when the Raja Vikramakar takes re-birth as present day Vikramudu and tries to save the world. Raja Vikramakar was an ideal king who possessed the qualities of leadership, intellect, valour and personal attributes. He very much loved his kingdom and his very own residents of his kingdom. He ruled India for about 200 years from Ujjain, as his capital.

The king continually worshipped Goddess Kali but after not getting any outcomes he threatens his own life, this leads to Goddess Kali appearing in front of him and glad about his devotion Goddess Kali awarded him a precious sword. King Vikramakar also gained a Ratna Simhasanam with 32 Salabhanjikas embedded in it by impressing God Indra. Vikramudu had a pure heart and loved his real brother named Bhatti, who too shares a brotherly love with his king sibling. Bhatti takes re-birth as Pattabhi and constantly help his brother to gain back his old position.

Jgyana Prakasavalli aged 32 secretly admires the king and falls for him, afraid of the king’s wrath she decides not to tell anybody about her secret love. Jgyana Prakasavalli takes rebirth as Snehamitra and finds that Viramudu is the present day King Vikramakar and discovers her past lost love. The story has one more important character named Kala Devudu who, in the absence of King Vikramakar, safeguards his sword and Simhasanm. The presence of Kala Devudu is unknown to the king Vikramakar. Kala Devudu continuously helps his king.

Kala Devudu takes re- birth as Bhairagi and continues his work in the present day world also. The story deals with the present day scenario where Vikramudu will get to know about his birth secret and also his whole life traces through the Kundli named Jataka, given by Narasimhachari. One more question which arises is that whether Sneha Mitra would be able to get her old love or she will have to wait for another birth. The series is a delight for those who like suspense and has a taste of historical setup. It is definitely worth watching for every daily soap fan and for those who likes something different from the mainstream.


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