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Wake Up Music ID is a music show in Telugu language that airs on the channel, Kushi TV. Kushi TV is an entertainment channel in Telugu language under the broadcasting banner of Sun Network. The channel was initially launched as a kid’s entertainment channel which aired only cartoons and kids programs. Now the channel has broadened its menu and included light general entertainment shows in the list as well. The show, Wake Up Music ID was launched in the year 2017. The show has been airing ever since and is still in the running.

Wake Up Music ID is aired everyday from Monday to Sunday at 6:00 am in the morning. Each episode of the show airs for one hour. Everybody’s life today is very hectic. Doing multiple things, running between works, every person has to go through this rush of life. Now it is said that the beginning of one’s day decides the fate of the rest of his day. And who doesn’t want to have a great start of the day, especially when you know you need all the positivity and energy that you have inside of you to accomplish the heap of tasks that are ahead of you for the day.

Wake Up Music ID is just the right show for a perfect beginning of the day. Music always makes a great start of the day. Wake Up Music ID is a song based music chartbuster show. The show has a playlist of refreshing Telugu songs that it plays back to back. There is a different list of songs for each episode. These songs are a mix of all the different genres of music. From melodious romantic songs to peppy dance numbers to songs with soulful and heart-touching lyrics, this show feeds the need of every mood.

The timing of the show is also very convenient so that every morning you can wake up to beautiful music and feel good about the whole day. It is amazing how music has the capability to change your mood. Just when you are thinking of the mammoth day in front of you, a peppy dance number on the show fills you with all the energy you need to get your work done. Even when you don’t want to wake up some days just so that you don’t have to face the day, some really motivating songs with encouraging lyrics fill up your soul with that spark and determination to do your duty and brings that positivity in you. The show gives you an array of song for every mood and need. Some of these songs are all time classics while some are current and recent modern day songs that are topping the audience playlists. These songs play absolutely uninterrupted and continuously. The show indeed is a great way to kick-start the day for its listeners.


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