Birthday: 26-10-1961
Age: 57
Star sign: Scorpio

Reputedly known in the world of novels, 55 years old Stacy schiff is a Prize-winning American nonfiction author who was born on 26th October with a star sign Scorpio and if you are interested in her daily thoughts and updates, can follow her on twitter on her handle @StacySchiff. Her novels like Witches and Cleopatra have been a huge success lately.

She, perhaps has been called as the receiver of Putlizer prize which is known as achieving a great thing for an author. Schiff has been a winner of Academy award in Literature in 2006 and also received Emma Award for journalistic excellence in 2010. Actually this is not the end of her awards list! Because she is the one who is the winner of Fifth annual Bio award. From Williams college, she was honored as the Honorary doctor of Letters and then in 2014, Biographers International Organization award was given to her. Starting from the very beginning,

Schiff is a B.A. graduate and she worked as a senior editor until 1990 and so, many of her essays and articles have been appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times etc. Schiff has also given many appearances in some sort of interviews like the one which was published by Random house, she was also seen in Q&A interviews which was all related to the new books in Biography. Schiff also won the 2000 Putlizer prize for Biography for Vera and she also was a finalist for the 1995 Pultizer prize for Biography for Saint Exupery. This was all about the novels and awards earned by her, but now talking something about the wonderfully written essays and articles by her like The Witches of Salem, Desperately Seeking Susan, The Interactive Truth and many more.

The uniqueness made by Schiff reflects her creativity from these titles itself as, by just having a look at the titles or just hearing them once, builds interest in the people or public to read the articles or essays written amazingly by her. She is so creative in her thoughts and ideas that even if she is given a minute to express them on a piece of paper, she will definitely not leave the paper empty. So basically, she is a lady who is full of creative ideas and thoughts and this is the ability which has bought her to this stage that her book The Witches has been declared as 'an almost novelistic, thriller-like narrative.'

As already been talked about her famous book Cleopatra, the Pulitzer prize winning biographer got lots and lots of positive response for her. This book has more than seventy five thousand ratings and with about forty five hundred reviews. It was named Cleopatra because it is based on the story of an Egypt queen whose name was, as the title says. Her another book which created a curiosity in the people belonging to this world of books, was Witches. This novel too received a tremendous response from the public, which is actually expected by a book written by Schiff kind of author.

And currently in 2016, she won 'Associates of the Boston Public Library Literary Light Award . So conclusively, since the beginning; Stacy Schiff has been a hit in this World of Authors and she has always proven this statement and she is still proving it further positively!


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