Larry The Cable Guy

Birthday: 17-02-1963
Age: 56
Star sign: Pisces


Larry the Cable Guy, born with the real name Daniel Lawrence "Larry" Whitney, is a multi-talented person with the skills and experience of being an actor, former radio personality, and American stand-up comedian. By his name many people misunderstood that he works for the cable company but actually he doesn’t. He started his career back in the 1990s by making his appearances regularly on radio phone-in shows. He got fame through his character, Larry.

His character is so unique and loved by his fans as Larry has a stereotypical redneck appearance with a southern accent of his voice and uses his very own catchphrase “Git-R-Done!”. He along with his wife has created a non-profit organization, the GIT-R-DONE Foundation, which has donated around $7,000,000 to various charities to emphasize on children’s and veteran’s causes. He is also known for the voice of the character of “Mater” in the Disney/Pixar Golden Globe awards winning animated movies Cars and Cars 2.

His stardom includes the highest rated movie which premiered on Comedy Central, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which grossed around $15,000,000. He is the bestselling writer of the book Git-R-Done that ranked 26 in the Ney York Best-seller list in 2005.



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