Gregory Jacobs is an American film and television screenwriter, producer, and director known for his works in Magic Mike XXL, Haywire, Contagion, Wind Chill, and Criminal. Jacobs is also a personal favorite of the director, Steve Soderbergh, and the duo has collaborated on various projects.

Jacob was born to parents, Rafael and Marti Jacobs, in the borough of Harrington Park in New Jersey. Jacob pursued his education at the Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan. Later on Jacob also attended the Tisch School of the Arts, where he worked under the director John Sayles to direct the Chris Cooper starrer, Matewan.

Jacobs started his career in 1995, serving as an associate producer for Richard Linklater’s romantic drama, Before Sunrise, which saw Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in the lead roles. In 2002, Jacob joined hands with Scott Kramer to produce the Steven Soderbergh-directed Full Frontal. In the same year, Jacob worked on another of Soderbergh’s science fictional drama, Solaris, which featured George Clooney and Natascha McElhone in the lead roles. In 2004 Jacobs produced, and directed the crime-thriller, Criminal, which was an adaptation of the Argentine film, Nine Queens. Jacobs and Soderbergh teamed up with Wong Kar-wai to work on the anthology series, Eros, which featured Gong Li, Alan Arkin, and Robert Downey Jr. In the year 2004, Jacobs was seen as a co-producer for Soderbergh’s heist thriller, Ocean’s Twelve, which saw George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others in the cast. Later on, Jacobs worked on Soderbergh’s improvisational film, Bubble, and the George Clooney and Cate Blanchett starrer The Good German. In 2007, Jacobs served as an executive producer for Ocean’s Thirteen. The latter half of the millennium decade saw Jacobs work on projects such as the Benicio Del Toro starrer biopic, Che, the Sasha Grey starrer The Girlfriend Experience, and the Matt Damon starrer The Informant. Jacobs also produced and directed the Emily Blunt starrer Wind Chill. Later on, Jacobs worked on projects such as the Marion Cottilard starrer Contagion, Soderbergh’s action flick, Haywire, the Channing Tatum starrer Magic Mike, and Edge of Tomorrow. Jacobs also directed and produced Magic Mike XXL and the Daniel Alfredson starrer Blackway.

Jacobs has also ventured into television with the Clive Owen starrer The Knick, the Amazon Studios-produced comedy, Red Oaks, Soderbergh’s drama, Behind the Candelabra, and the documentary series, Naked Science.





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