Birthday: 10-05-1943
Age: 75
Star sign: Gemini

David Clennon was born on May 10, 1943. He is a performer from America. He is popular for his Emmy-selected depiction of Miles Drentell in Thirty Something, aired on ABC, and Once And Again, and also his part as Palmer in the John Carpenter's religion exemplary film The Thing. He has been as often as possible cast in movies coordinated by Hal Ashby and Costa-Gavras.

He was born in Waukegan, Illinois.His mother, Virginia, was a homemaker, and his father, Cecil Clennon, was an accountant. In 1996, he wedded Perry Adelman, an author, camera assistant, and photographer. They have twin youngsters, Daisy Virginia and Harry Francis.

In 2013, he more than once took a stand in opposition to the film Zero Dark Thirty and declined to vote for it for an Academy Award, expressing that it advances the worthy utilization of torture. David voiced the character of Admiral Motti in Star Wars: The Original Radio Drama, in 1980. He performed on TV shows such as The Agency, Almost Perfect and also ‘Saved’.

Recently, we worked on the show Ghost Whisperer as Carl Messick or Carl the Watcher. He got an Emmy in 1993 for a cameo on the show Dream On. He frequently performs at New Haven, Connecticut's Long Wharf Theater. Some of his best well-known movies are ‘Constellation’ released in 2005, Extraordinary Measures in 2002, The Good Doctor 2011, ‘Mr. Jones’ 2013, Gone Girl 2014 and ‘Reversion’ (2015).