Birthday: 07-03-1972
Age: 47
Star sign: Aries

Jang Dong-gun was born in Seoul, South Korea on 7th March 1972. He had his schooling in Seoul and for higher education he visited Korea National University of Arts, but he left the college without completing his graduation. Jang became an actor and debuted in the industry in 1992 when he began acting for a TV series, The Last Match and made his debut to the big screen in 1997 release Repechage. He has not only been popular in Korea, but he became popular in the Asian countries when the TV series he acted were presented in the late 1990s.

Jang featured in the 1999 movie, Nowhere to Hiding, which was highly appreciated by the critics and helped Jang to expand his popularity; the critics applauded his acting skills, and the audience loved Jang’s performance. The story was about finding the guilty who is supposed to have committed a murder; the movie used various techniques including slow-motion, etc. Jang played the role of Detective Kim, and this helped Jang to gain immense popularity. In 2001, Jang was again seen in the movie Friend, a story about four friends who face the problems of life and find independent ways to encounter them. The story was about the director’s experience and was a kind of small autobiography. The movie changed the image of Jang for the audience; earlier Jang played a romantic and comic role.

Now, the audience knew Jang’s versatility. Jang has been a part of various movies since his debut which includes The Coastguard, 2009 Lost Memories, Typhoon, The Promise, etc. Jang was a part of My Way, a movie filmed during WWII, which is inspired by a true story. The plot follows the abduction of a Korean soldier who is taken away by the Japanese; the film was a high-budget venture but failed to do any magic at the theaters and was a flop. Jang last project was the 2015 release, Fighters 7. Jang follows Buddhism and is a huge fan of baseball; he plays it along with his co-actors.

Jang married his co-actress in Love Wind Love Song, Ko So-young on 2nd May 2010 while KO was five months pregnant. He has two children, a son Jang Min-Joon and a daughter. Jang wedding ceremony took place in Shila Hotel in Seoul; famous actor and actress of the industry attended the wedding.