Jason Cope is an actor. He is originally from South Africa. He is six ft. one inch tall.

The actor has worked mostly on TV productions. He was part of the second season of The Pure Monate Show, a comedy show on the South African TV broadcast, SABC 1. The season went on air in 2004. The actor played various roles in seventeen episodes of the season. In Ella Blue, a mini-series set in South Africa in the 1960s, Cope donned the role of Howard Weaver. The series came out in 2008. Another famous work of the actor is in the satirical TV series, Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola, hosted by Loyisa Gola. in which he pokes fun at current affairs. Jason played a “field reporter” in the show.

As far as Cope’s film roles are concerned, one of his first movie appearances was in the comedy film by John Barker, Bunny Chow: Know Thyself. His most memorable performance is in the 2009 Oscar-nominated sci-fi flick, District 9. His character was an alien in the movie, whose Earth name was Christopher Johnson. The actor was a part of another sci-fi action movie, ‘Doomsday’, which was released in 2008. The actor played the role of Wall Guard. In the movie ‘Spud’ (2010), Cope played the role of Mr “Sparerib” Wilson, husband of the character of Mrs. Eve Wilson. Initially, the filmmakers thought that the actor was not suitable for the role as he looked too young to play Mr. Wilson. He took inspiration from his former school vice principal to play his part. In the 2012 release, ‘ Dredd’, he played the character of Zwirner. In the 2013-release biographical epic, “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”, he acted as Lieutenant Swanepoel. In 2015, the movie ‘ Chappie’ came out in which he was featured as a Tetravaal Lead Mechanic.

His other works include Mermaids: The Body Found (a TV documentary), Spoon (2011), Big Fellas (2007), Flood (2007), and Alive in Joburg (2006).

Currently, the actor is seen in the TV show, Black Sails.

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