Birthday: 03-08-1959
Age: 59
Star sign: Virgo

John McGinley is an American author, actor, and ex-comedian. He was born on 3 August, 1959 in New York City, US. He was the child of a stockbroker and a schoolteacher. His grandfather belonged to Donegal in Ireland. He grew up in Millburn. He studied at Millburn High School. He played football. He attended Syracuse University in order to learn how to act. Later, in 1984, he had his graduation from Tisch School, specialized in Arts. After completing his studies, he did a variety of works. He tasked for Broadway productions and Off-Broadway. He acted in a daily soap called Another World. He had a bond of two years with the production.

McGinley headed his acting career very smoothly. He did many supporting ingénues. In 1984, he presented himself as John Turturro in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. John Patrick Shanley produced it. His acting was noticed by a casting guide, which gave him an Oscar-winning videotape in his bag entitled as Platoon. It released in 1986. He also featured in Sweet Liberty, a Alan Alda’s production. In the next year, he did Wall Street and Talk Radio. In 1980, he starred in a Subaru advertisement. He appeared in American Gladiators in the celebs challenge task. He wrote a script in 1990, which was called Suffering Bastards. John was a co-star.

John’s counting list is lengthy. He did Highlander II: The Quickening and Point Break in 1991, Article 99 in 1992, Wagons East in 1994, Seven in 1995, Set It Off and The Rock in 1996, Nothing to Lose in 1997 and Office Space in 1999. In 2007, he played the character of Chuck in Are We Done Yet. He also appeared as a gay patrol officer in Wild Hogs.

He also voiced in many animated TV serials like The Atom, and The White Shadow. In The White Shadow, he had a guest role. He was a lead character in Dead Head Fred, which was a Sony video game.

McGinley was appraised for his acting in ‘Intensity’. It was the highest rated show on Fox TV. In 2000, he worked in Sole Survivor with Fox and Koontz. In 2001, he started working as the harsh Dr. Perry Cox on a regular TV series named ‘Scrubs’. The show aired on NBC. In 2005, he wrote a book named Untalkative Bunny. Then, he acted as a villain in the adapted feature from a comic called Superman/Batman.

Coming to his personal life, he was married to Lauren Lambert on February 1997. They had a child, Max. In 2001, both divorced. McGinley then, engaged to Nicole Kessler. She was a yoga trainer. They married in 2007 and have two daughters.



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