Birthday: 21-02-1955
Age: 64
Star sign: Pisces

Allen Kelsey Grammer, simply referred to as Kelsey Grammer, is best known for playing the role of Dr. Frasier Crane on the hit television shows “Cheers” and later Frasier. Aside from acting, he has done comedy work as well as tried his hand at the production and directing side of things. He has also done voice-over, most notably on “ The Simpsons” as the character Sideshow Bob.

Grammer’s first tryst with the world of acting came in the latter half of the 70’s when he did some work in theatres in America, including a small stint on Broadway. He got his TV break in the 80’s but rose to prominence when he played the role of Frasier Crane in the NBC series Cheers. The role wasn’t meant to be a full-time job, but Grammer did become a series regular.

The character was very well received, and so he was granted a spin-off named Frasier. This show is widely considered one of the best spin-off series to have been created. It saw him win a total of six awards. Aside from being the lead actor, he also directed a lot of the episodes. Overall, he spent twenty years as Dr. Frasier Crane, the second largest run for any actor playing the same character over a certain span of time.

His TV career post his long term as Frasier Crane was relatively less successful as he was part of some series’ that didn’t do well. They either didn’t last longer than a season or were canceled just after a few episodes had aired. He did have one rewarding role during this period; he played the mayor of Chicago in a series titled “ Boss”. This role saw him bag a Golden Globe Award.

He has done a lot of voice-over work as well, none of them more popular than his portrayal of Sideshow Bob on the Simpsons. Aside from this role, he has done voice-overs in many animated films including “Toy Story 2”, and “Barbie of Swan Lake” and has also featured in many commercials. He also did the narration during the intro video of WWE’s “WrestleMania 32”.

He has won many awards during his long and illustrious career, including five Primetime Emmy Awards (four for Frasier and one for The Simpsons), three Golden Globe Awards (two for Frasier and one for Boss), and a Tony Award for his role in “The Color Purple”.



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